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Live the Promise with Susie Larson

Join us for our FIRST LIVE-CALL IN program! We’ll be talking to Susie Larson live for 60 minutes on March 20 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Susie’s show airs in Hartford, CT all the way to Fargo, ND on stations dotted along the map!

The Truth or Dare Podcast with Sarah Cunningham.

Listen live on April 18 when we talk about Connection with Sarah, 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

The HUB, New Mexico

Join us January 31st at 7:45 a.m. Pacific Time for Mornings with Laura and Dan.

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KCBC/ KKPZ Los Angeles, KNSN San Diego, KCBC San Francisco, KKPZ Portland, OR,

The Bottom Line air date of February 28! Listen in as Roger Marsh and I discuss disconnection and what it means for men and women and their families. Our discussion starts at the 1:22:30 mark.

Ken & Deb Mornings

Another great interview with Ken and Deb on Moody Radio WDLM for the quad cities of Central Illinois and Iowa.

The Debbie Chavez Show

Had a terrific time talking to Debbie’s mostly female audience in an extended conversation. Great information for women related to a disconnected man.

KRKS Denver

We had an amazing conversation with Eric Reamer and his guest host Karla Swanigan on the daily CrossWalk program.


WYLL Chicago

Mark Elfstrand is a great interviewer and asked some exciting questions. Interview starts at teh 41 minute mark.

WMPC Lapeer, Flint, MI

Listen as Greg Bullen and I discuss The Disconnected Man.