My heart is to use my past, my experience to give hope to those struggling and hurting in their relationships. The journey to connect to others and to God should be a focus within the church. I offer Down to earth, Bible based truth and practical insights from being a Disconnected, and then a Connected man. I’d be glad to speak at your church or provide aid in another way. Check out the media kit page or use the contact form to connect!

My speaking topics and other ways to learn more information.


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  • Bad Time Management with Eternal Reward
  • No Teaching Gifts Necessary
  • The Wheel is Real


  • Webinars, Podcasts, Audio
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For Men

  • What is disconnection?
  • Why is disconnection so bad?
  • What do women think about disconnection?
  • How do I get connected?
  • God’s view about non-relational men.

For Women

  • If this word describes your man, there’s hope.
  • How can I reach my disconnected man?
  • I’m tired and hurt, how do I keep going?
  • What do you mean, it’s up to me?