Review from ‘Jorie loves a story’

Excited to have been reviewed by Jorie – her review is personally encouraging. If you wonder about the book and if it’s for you, this review will help. She found it to track with her experience and offer helpful steps forward. I am very blessed to have had her read and share her thoughts! Click the button for the full review.

Jim Turner

Jim is an author who discovered late in life that there is no replacement for connection – true connections with God and man. the kind of connection that requires a man to abandon himself and pour himself into the hearts of others.

Turner’s personal story is a sober reminder of the importance of truly walking in love and caring for one another in marriage. Too many wives can identify with being married to a disconnected man. Every one of them will benefit from reading this book.

Lisa Jacobson, author of 100 Ways to Love Your Husband,
A real, raw, honest story…Jim Turner can help every man learn how to open up and love his woman. His intensely personal, practical, and biblical principles are going to save many marriages.David Clarke, PhD, Christian psychologist and author of Married but Lonely, and many other books,
This hope-filled book shows the high cost of remaining disconnected and gives husbands and wives insight, not only to understand each other better, but to find their way out of that desert into the rich, fulfilling relationship God intended. Matthew L. Jacobson, author of 100 Ways to Love Your Wife,

The Disconnected Man

I was a disconnected man tripping through life with a happy disposition while my relationship with my wife was quietly dying. Once I discovered the truth about myself; that I was disconnected, disobedient, and downright relationally dysfunctional, I repented and began the long road to satisfying, intimate connection. I’ve opened my heart to spill out the truths I learned from the pain of traveling that lonely road with the desire to help couples emotionally connect in ways they never felt possible. I expose all the excuses disconnected men offer to protect themselves, calling them to obey the relational commands in the Bible, while giving women the hope that the emotional intimacy they crave is indeed possible.