Love Will Find A Way

Love Will Find A Way.

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Falling in love with a follower of Jesus is not like falling in love with anyone else. It’s special. You have the lucky privilege of having fallen in love with someone who really understands love. Someone who has experienced the deepest depths of what love is all about. Someone who can love you like no other. And that is a very exciting but cautious thing.

I’m writing to you because I think you may be unaware of the extraordinary qualities your loved one possesses and what kind of life you can expect with him or her. I find it only fair to prepare you for what you may discover. At the very least, I want to help you think through what your relationship will mean for both of you.

My hope is that you will give serious consideration to all you learn here. And that you will use the information to guide your decisions when it comes to loving this special follower of Jesus. My wish for you is that you will come to know the length and breadth and depth and height of real love.