The Disconnected Man Workbook For Women


The Disconnected Man Workbook for Women is a place to process and heal. A necessary companion to The Disconnected Man book!


News like disconnection and its affects on a woman’s heart needs to be processed. The Disconnected Man Workbook For Women is just that – a place to process and a place to heal.

The Workbook is filled with questions and discussions that gently guide you through The Disconnected Man book. Invitations to think through the challenges of living with a disconnected man lead you to the answers you are looking for.

Included are stories of those who have been there and are healing from the stress and pain of disconnection. Our unique steps for connecting with a disconnected man are dotted throughout the workbook. Scriptures and encouragements are there to nurture your heart.

Our experience tells us that women living with a disconnected man often have layers of hurt and confusion to work through. We’ve crafted this workbook to help you through the issues that arise and to ultimately give you the hope that your heart so desperately longs for.

The workbook is perfect for individuals or small groups. This is a very personal, deeply sensitive journey that should not be ignored BUT that should also be shared with those who will understand the struggle and love you through it.