A Disconnected Culture: Is Masculinity Under Attack?

I was talking to someone recently about my book and the idea of the Disconnected Man and he asked me a thought-provoking question that I hadn’t thought about. He asked, “It almost seems like men and masculinity are really under attack in the culture today, what is your take on that?”

And the truth is we are, masculinity today is under attack. But it’s also important to note that we always HAVE been. The attack on male and female culture goes all the way back to Garden of Eden. Our enemy is constantly attempting to: divide us, make us feel inadequate and prevent us from relating to one another! He wants to isolate us from each other and from our relationship to God.

How Are We Under Attack?

The attack masculinity and males face today certainly appears different than biblical times. The enemy has many tools at his disposal.  A disconnected man is not necessarily being attacked directly. Instead, he is being encouraged to keep up his emotional wall. A disconnected person forms this wall through learned behavior (or more never learned behavior), emotional hurt or even because of the cultural tone.

Being disconnected is simply the current method the enemy uses and it’s a real current cultural issue. Anytime we’re with a group of people and I tell them what I do for a living and the title of my book, The Disconnected Man, the conversation stops. And then it instantly turns to, “Oh yeah, I know that guy. That’s my Uncle Harry!” or even worse one of the wives will immediately point to their husband and say, “Oh yeah, that’s this guy!” That gets a little awkward, but the point is everyone knows someone in their lives they would describe as disconnected.

A Relationship With Christ Connected

When you’re disconnected, the enemy is happy. Because it keeps you farther from God and it causes strife in your personal life. You could even be heavily involved in the church and still emotionally and intimately lacking that true relationship with Him. Culture impacts the church. Trust me, I wish it was the other way around. But just knowing God is not enough to remove you from this attack of the enemy.

If you realize that is you, or maybe you realize you’re married to a disconnected person and you’re struggling to understand them – you’re not alone! I wrote my book to help wives who feel alone in their marriages. I wrote it for men who have been missing out on deep personal and romantic relationships. Check out some of the tips I’ve included in the book and get ready to pray and spend time with God like never before.

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