Army Rangers Getting Connected With Their Wives And Families

Just finished packing up this box of The Disconnected Man books and the NEW Disconnected Man Workbooks for the 75th Army Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning, GA. Please pray for these men as they seek to lead the way for our military operations and most importantly for their families. Many thanks to our brave men and women for their service and for connecting with us to help!

Each book sent to a Ranger is signed with the following:  

Dear Ranger, This book is designed to help you lead the way to the soul-intimacy your wife and family crave. Galant men become Christlike! There is nothing more hazardous nor prestigious than becoming a reflection of your Master. Many Blessings as you read! 

 If you know a service member who could use a copy please click here to order one. We will send a signed copy to them in your name or anonymously as you wish. 

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