Guest Series From UNCOMMEN: Code Purple #4: Team on 3

Over the next seven weeks we are excited to present the CODE PURPLE devotional from our friends at UNCOMMEN. This is post #4. Please join me in supporting these godly men working to help men impact their families, community, and the world for Christ. Click this link to connect with them and say thank you for allowing us to share their devotionals here.

Verse Reference:  Genesis 2:18

Today’s CODE PURPLE is talking about parenting.

In today’s culture, men are portrayed on TV as this ignorant goofball that can’t be expected or trusted with anything important. He’s selfish, inattentive, lazy and just a poor excuse of a husband. While mostly in sitcoms, I don’t think many men fall too far from that example to our families.

Men get off the couch!

God made man and women to be a team

God made man and women to be a team, and that team is meant to be working together when parenting. Your wife needs your presence in the leading, the teaching, and discipline of the children. Yes, she can do it by herself and so can you. But that’s not how God created the family dynamic to be. Both working together, loving and serving each other while teaching your children about Jesus.

Parenting should not be a good cop/bad cop thing that limps along, but rather a Godly focused couple that works together for the good of the family.

Your wife is going to bring all kinds of strengths that you and I do not possess. She will also be looking for you to be there to bring your strengths to the family. Your children will also model the kind of people they are going to be on how you work together, speak to each other and how consistent you parent them.

Don’t second guess or undermine your spouse in front of your children. Ask to speak in private about the matter and get on the same page before you regret something you both are about to do in public. We’ve all see those parents that never work on their marriage or their parenting skills and just have blow-up after blow-up.

Your kids are watching to learn how to be a parent. Your wife is in need of a man who balances. God is expecting you to be the Husband, Dad and Leader you were always meant to be. If that statement sounds familiar, it’s Uncommen’s mission statement.

Uncommen Questions

Do you parent with your wife or do you let her do the heavy lifting and only step in when you think “things get serious”?

Have you and your wife ever done a study on Parenting? If so, do you implement what you learned? If not, what are you waiting for?

Uncommen Challenge

Your parenting years are shorter than you think. You only have a certain amount of time to pour Godly council into your children and show them what a Godly parent looks like.

I challenge you and your wife to do a study on Parenting. You may already have access to Right Now Media, but if you don’t, it’s a really great resource that is video based.