I Know A Man Who Changed #4

It’s been about a year now. How do you think Mark is doing? What about his wife?

I can tell you I’m very proud of Mark. He has stuck to his commitment to work on the things we suggested (and shared with you in the last post). And he’s done it all without regard to how his wife has received it. So far, she hasn’t received it very well. She still doesn’t believe his change is permanent. She still doesn’t trust that he won’t revert back to the man he used to be. Her heart is still heavy and hurt. But she’s still with him. She is allowing him to be a part of her life. And they are very slowly moving in a good direction. And they have a new little boy they both cherish!

Mark has allowed God to change almost everything about his life.


How Mark’s Actions have changed

He works less. He spends more time with the kids. He’s working on ‘being present’ with them. Not being distracted when with them. Listening and engaging with their chatter. Hearing what’s on their hearts. This was one of his wife’s criticisms of him.

He dotes over his wife as much as she allows. He takes every small opportunity to express his love, to listen, and to really hear what’s happening in her soul. He’s not very good at it yet because he’s still learning what his own soul is saying. Once he learns to listen to his own heart and what the Spirit is saying to it, he will be better at hearing hers. Until then, he keeps trying.

How Mark’s Emotion’s have changed

He is frustrated less. More grace giving. Much more patient. Less likely to blame anyone for anything. He’s transparent with his own feelings. He expects less from others and more from himself. Mark spends a lot of time with the Lord, and overall is probably the best man he’s ever been.

I can hear it in his voice. Even though I live two thousand miles away from him, I can sense that he has truly changed. His humility is out front. It’s the first thing I notice. He’s like a window, hiding nothing. He is the man I think every good person would want to know and trust.

How is his wife doing?

My hope and prayer is that the day will come when his wife can see him as he is now and not as he was. I have no criticism for her. She must move at the pace her spirit is capable of. Too fast and fear will take hold. Too slow and she risks dying inside. I trust that she is clinging to the Lord and crying out to her heavenly Father in faith. As she continues, I believe the Lord will give her a newfound respect for her husband and a rekindled love for him.

She must move at the pace her spirit is capable of.

But Mark is not biting his nails in anxiety over her pace. He’s in a good place, trusting God to do His work in His time. Mark is determined to be an oak of a man. Standing firm in his faith and his determination to correct the things God shows him and grow in the things God has for him. Not that he doesn’t doubt at times and not that he doesn’t get frustrated. Regardless of those doubts and frustrations, he pushes forward.

When we decide to do things God’s way, to offer ourselves a humble sacrifice, ready to serve whatever intention God has for us among the people in our lives; we become more like Jesus. And nothing better can be said of any human – That we are more like Jesus.

I hope that Mark’s story can be an encouragement for you to use 2019 to become more like Jesus. I would love to help you with that. Stay tuned this year as we continue to publish blogs and books to help you follow Jesus and become more like Him. Look for our speaking engagements so we can meet you face to face. Reach out and talk to us through our contact form. Get some exclusive messages and insights by signing up for our newsletter. We would love to hear from you.