Messy As Hell

It’s messy as hell to get involved in other people’s lives. Loving people enough to be in their lives means you get close to all the darkness that lurks in men’s souls. Hell is not far from every person’s heart. One moment off guard and the gates are crashed. Every good intention is assaulted. And years of abiding in love get eaten up in the onslaught.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Loving people enough to be in their lives means you get close to all the darkness that lurks in men’s souls.” quote=”Loving people enough to be in their lives means you get close to all the darkness that lurks in men’s souls.”]

Being close to people when the attack is on means getting swept into battle with them. It calls for attention, adrenaline, swift prayers, and long pleadings. It means you get a front line view of the gore of war. You see souls bleed. Some die emotionally. Some rage. Some flee. Some kill others (relationally, emotionally). It can be as intense as the opening scenes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

Sometimes you get to see a victory. People step back. They realize an unseen enemy is prodding them to act unwisely. They refuse to give in. They win some ground. It’s a sweet thing to witness. It doesn’t happen often enough.

When hell is truly involved, chaos ensues. It makes advice seem stupid. As soon as someone gives a suggestion about how to approach the issue, it changes. If it’s conflict between two people, a churning inner turmoil keeps driving the factions apart. If it’s someone grappling with depression, a blind hand reaches out from a different direction to pull them under. No matter what the issue, it’s never predictable. It’s never easy. It’s never a ‘brush the dust off, we’re done here’ scenario.

It’s a lifelong grind of joy to be involved in the lives of others. The joy comes in the form of simply being human and available for someone else. There’s a soul-deep reward, I believe from God, in just being there for others. The grind is simply the grind – a lifetime of enduring the ups and downs of living and loss. All of us get to experience it on our own – those who will get involved with others get to multiply the experience. 

Some won’t do it. I mean they won’t get involved in the lives of others. It costs too much. They can’t bear up. If you are that person, I hope you’ll change your mind, or your heart, whichever is holding you back. You’ll be more human, more vulnerable, more real, more likable.

For those who do get involved. You are the jewel that reflects the light of God. Please keep trudging in and pushing forward. Your friends, loved ones, and all humanity needs you. You help keep hell at bay. When evil wants to break forth in all it’s gory desire, you stand fast to resist. You cry with the wounded. You fight with the enemies. You guard the unwary. You love when folks are unloveable. You walk within an inch of hell’s fury because someone needs you. You pray and endure when nights are long and days are angry. Thank you. Unseen miracles are coming to life around you.

If you have someone who has been that person who will not go away. That person who persists through your darkest hours. That person who will not let you slip. That person who would enter the caverns of pain and fear to save you. That person who loves you like no one else. Tell them. Say thanks. Cherish them. They might need to know. You can tell us about them in the comments below!

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