Should a Follower of Jesus Marry a Non-Follower of Jesus?

I’m hearing this question more now than I think any other time in my life. I’m not sure why. Maybe churches aren’t covering the topic. Or parents aren’t teaching their children about marriage and relationships. Or we just aren’t students of the Bible. Or, and this may be the greater tragedy, there just aren’t many visible differences between those who claim to be followers of Jesus and those who don’t. Whatever the reason, the question has become a very common one. What do you think? Should a follower of Jesus date or marry a non-follower of Jesus?

I wrote Love Will Find A Way: Should You Marry That Follower Of Jesus to the Non-follower of Jesus. I figured they should know what they are getting into. I also assume that Christians will benefit by being reminded of where the differences lie. It’s a super-short book with lots of pictures. It’s easy to read and easy to pass on.

If you are a follower of Jesus, or the parent of one, who is considering marrying someone who doesn’t follow Jesus – you should read this. If you know someone who is not a follower of Jesus who is dating or considering marriage to a follower then please consider buying this for them. They will thank you for it if they take it seriously.

This booklet can be a great tool to start the conversation with followers and non-followers alike. It’s great for Christian counselors, pastoral staff, and youth ministers. A  few things you’ll discover.

  • The difference in the way a follower of Jesus defines LOVE
  • Why ‘everything is spiritual’ to a follower of Jesus and why that matters
  • Four reasons a follower of Jesus would consider marrying a non-follower
  • How the pressures of marriage increase when spiritual goals are not shared
  • Why it will one day stink to be married to a follower of Jesus
  • The good news and hope for non-followers and followers alike




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