The Disconnected Man

I wrote The Disconnected Man after discovering that ‘disconnected’ was the best word to define me.

What do I mean by that? I mean that my emotional needs didn’t include being close to anyone. I didn’t feel an intense need for relationship. I was able to be alone without feeling lonely. Not just alone for a short period of time but for hours, days, and longer. I was able to interact with people (including my wife, family, and close friends) without feeling close to them. I was able to watch their lives and not enter into their joys, triumphs,  struggles, losses, or pain. I was dependably numb.

I didn’t sense a great need for relationship. It was the greatest lie I’ve ever been blinded by.

I didn’t sense a great need for relationship. It was the greatest lie I’ve ever been blinded by.


After becoming aware of my disconnection (you can discover how I learned and what it did to me in the book due out in December 2017 – maybe January 2018 depending on my publisher, FaithWords) I have since learned a life-altering truth. Everything is about relationship!

When I say that everything is about relationship I leave nothing out. EVERYTHING is about relationship – either to God or man – nothing (no one) with a soul escapes this great truth. Once I realized this truth I couldn’t do anything but commit myself to it.

In the book I say, ‘Cut the Bible anywhere, it bleeds relationship’. In life I say, ‘Cut life anywhere, it bleeds relationship’. Any other pursuit will end in empty regret. As a result of my discovery, I’ve made (with God’s help) radical changes to who I am.

‘Cut life anywhere, it bleeds relationship’


The changes I’ve made are all about connecting. I’ve learned how to love, to sacrifice, to be vulnerable, to tell the truth, to help others know how special they are, to give up pursuits that don’t enhance relationships, to look deeply into the eyes of my loved ones, and many other habits that create meaningful connection. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

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