We’ve Been Very Busy

Thank you so much for your patience as it’s been awhile since our last post. We’ve been very busy building on your suggestions, comments, and desires for more information on disconnection and how to get connected. Soon we will be launching several new initiatives and helpful tools for you. It has taken some time and a lot of prayer and some very uniquely divine coincidence to pull together the elements that God is forming our vision around, but it’s coming together nicely!

Our ultimate desire is that every man learn that being disconnected is the exact opposite of God’s desire for him and every woman be given hope that she can experience the connection she craves.

With that mission in mind, here’s what we’ve got coming your way.


We will be sharing the new counseling website soon so stay tuned! For now though, if you need counseling please CONNECT with us HERE and mention COUNSELING in your comments. We will put you in direct contact with our counselors. We are excited to have a team of counselors specializing in disconnection and how to get connected and stay connected. These are not stuffy psychiatrist/psychologist types. They are Spirit lead individuals and couples who have seen the damage disconnection can do and are passionate about helping men and women connect.


We have set up a new store where you’ll find all of our great products including:

  • New books,
  • Connected Wristbands
  • Connected Merchandise
  • The Disconnected Man Workbooks for Pre-order!

In addition to counseling we have many more tools coming your way. Look for these exciting new offerings in the coming months!


A brand new site with all our books, blogs, publications, products, media, and everything else geared to help you connect and stay connected!


We are putting the finishing touches on our Disconnected Man Workbook for Women. Look for it in September. We are also working on the Disconnected Man Workbook for Men. Soon we will begin working on a workbook for Couples!

We are thrilled to have you here! We anticipate your feedback and suggestions. Talk to us and tell us what you need. We are here to serve you so don’t hesitate to reach out with your requests!